Know The Proper Way to Apologize

Saying “I’m sorry” alone does not absolve the person who committed the offense, nor does it make things alright immediately thereafter. In order for apologies to have meaning, they need to be accompanied by an admission of wrong-doing and sincere intent to make things right.

Don’t Be The Noisy Neighbor

Always bear in mind that different people have different tolerance levels when it comes to noise and there are ways to avoid disturbing those around you.

Lend a Hand To Those Who Need It

You don’t have to force your help on others, but always be ready to help. You never know when you’ll need one yourself. What goes around, comes around.

Reciprocate a Kind Gesture

One good turn deserves another. It’s not about outdoing someone’s act of kindness, it’s about propagating it.

Respect People’s Rights To Privacy

In this era of smartphones and drones, it has become even more important to remember to exercise discretion.

Know How To Queue

A queue is a group of people waiting in line, with emphasis on “waiting”. So don’t be out of line by cutting in line.

Respect Personal Space

Standing too close to another person can make some feel uncomfortable. So observe the varying personal space boundaries among friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers.

Don’t Text Bad/Sad News

Be sensitive if you must break a bad news to someone. If you’re on the receiving end, you’d want to be informed by a human voice, not through a text message.

Mind Your Table Manners

Our parents taught us these since we first learned how to hold a spoon. There is no reason to forget them as adults.

Respect Opinions

It’s always possible to be on opposite sides of the table yet remain friendly and civil.